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As the second combine cycle power plant of the country, Qom power plant is among hundreds of major national projects implemented and operated during the reconstruction period of Iran after the glorious victory of Islamic revolution of Iran. This power plant comprises of two sections such as; gas turbines and steam turbines or gas cycle and steam cycle combined  together to create a combined cycle power plant. The total nominal capacity of this power plant is 714 M.W.
As a part of the policies set by the ministry of energy of I.R.Iran electric power generation management companies were established to act independently and be self governed through increase of their productivity and optimal use of skilled man powers.
These newly established companies were to manage the power plant of the country in each region, however, Qom electric power generation Management Company was also established to manage the Qom combined cycle power plant.
The objectives followed by construction of Qom combined cycle power plant were to supply part of electrical energy needed by the country and at the same time improve the voltage status in the central district of the national grid, as well as redaction of energy losses.
The first stage of this project was the construction of gas cycle and installation of gas turbines gas turbine installation;
The agreement for installation of gas turbines of this power plant was signed between Tehran regional electric company and Mitsubishi heave Industries Company of Japan in 1991 And units heave become operational in the first half of 1994.
Total costs of accomplishment of this part of the project sum up to 23 billions yen plus is billions Rial.
Technical specifications
-           Number of units: 4 units
-           Model of gas turbine: Mitsubishi MW701D
-           Nominal capacity: 128.5 MW (each unit)
-           Turbine type: four stages axial type.
-           Compressor: 19 stages axial type with pressure ratio of 1/4
-           Generator: synchronous type with brushless Exciter and nominal output voltage of 13.8KV
-           Cooling system of generator; closed loop air cooled by water.
-           Control system; DDS type with automatic stating and loading at all stages through electronical devices
-           Type of fuel; the main fuel of these unit is natural gas, supplied through a local station with 150.000 NM3/h capacity. This station is branched off from the nation wide gas pipe line network. The substitution fuel is gas oil which is stored in two storage tanks with total capacity of 55 millions lit.
-           These unit can be operated either by each type of aforesaid fuel or by mixture of them.
Second stage – steam units
To protect the environment and in order to increase the productivity and efficiency the agreement for construction of steam cycle Qom combined cycle power plant was signed between Tehran regional electric company and a consortium of ABB of Germany and Italian company in 1994 and this cycle of the power plant has become operational in 1998. in deed upon completion of this plant a part of policy set by the ministry of energy of Iran has been accomplished.
The cost of construction of these steam units has sum up to 145 million USD.
Technical specifications
-           number of units: 2 units
-           nominal capacity: 100 MW (each unit)
-           Recovery boiler: 4 boilers each with 200 tons/h steam production capacity at 4820c.
Out let steam from every two head recovery boilers enter into one turbine at two HP and LP pressure levels and leave the turbine at lower pressure and temperature levels to enter the condenser in a saturated state.
Due to the limitation imposed by the shortage of water in the region, the cooling tower constructed in this power plant is dry type with Arial condenser.
Arial condensers with their wide surface heat exchangers and with the help of 18 Fans, distillate the outlet steam.
- Synchronous type with brushless Exciter and nominal output voltage 11.5KV
- Control system DCS type.
- Water treatment system:
        Due to the undesirable quality of water in the region and high level of Salinity and hardness of underground water in the region, preparation of distillated water to protect the boiler against corrosion and scaling hence increasing the life span of the steam units is very important.
Water required by this power plant is supplied by three deep wells dug in the southern part of the power plant site at the vicinity of Qom Rud River.
The water treatment process in water treatment plant of Qom power plant includes various stages as follows:
-           Pretreatment process.
-           Reverse osmose process.
-           Deionization process.
Transmission substation
Generated power is transmitted to the national Grid through six 230K.V transmission lines.
The cost of construction of transmission substation was about 11 million USD plus 2 billion Rials.
Systems Management
The Qom electric power generation Management Company has been awarded with the following certificates in systems management.
-           Quality system management ISO 9001-1996 in 1998 as the first power plant in the Middle East.
-           Quality management system certificate ISO 9001-2000 in 2002.
-           Environmental management system certificate ISO 14001-2004 in 2003.
-           - OHSAS 18001-1999 in 2005.
-           Establishment of participative management system in 2006.
Physical Protection
Physical protection of Qom power plant installations are carried out through closed loop cameras.
Mechanized system
Qom electric power generation Management Company has established a mechanized system for its administration affairs as well as repair and maintenance of power plant units.
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